We’ve listed below some of the more frequentiy asked questions concerning bridging loans. lf you require further infomation on Bridging Loans or your particular question is not answered to your fullest satisfaction through our Bridging Loans FAQ’s, please contact us immediately.

How soon can I have the money?

We have actually completed a bridging loan within 24 hours from the first enquiry and application. ln most cases three to five working days is a sufficient time in which to complete most Bridging Loans.

How much can I borrow as a bridging loan?

Our bridging loans are typically from £20,000 to £20 million. We may also consider bridging loans outside of this range – please contact us if you would care to discuss a specific situation.

What happens if my property is already mortgaged. how much more can if borrow?

The level of 80% is still available but your existing mortgage will have to be deducted from this amount for your bridging loan.

What is the level of advance that you are prepared to offer for the bridging loans?

Typically. Add Solutions is able to consider advancing up to 80% of the value of any acceptable security to provide you with a bridging loan.

What is a Second Legal Charge for your bridging loan?

If you own a property with an existing mortgage, Add Solutions is still able. to consider a quick bridging loan whilst your current mortgage is in place. You will not have to repay your existing loan. This is known as Second Charge Lending.

What security is required for me to get a 'bridging loan?

A First Legal Charge and Second Legal Charge on the property provided as security for your quick bridging loan.

How is Add able to act so swiftly?

We avoid excessive and lengthy bureaucracy or “red tape”. We do not make a mountain out of a molehill! You will deal directly with the decision makers for your bridging Finance.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! Add Solutions is at the heart of the property market with experience in providing bridging Finance for over 20 years. We have extensive experience within the bridging loan sector. We set the highest standards in courtesy, professional diligence and business ethics.

What is the process from start to finish?

Once we have received your enquiry we will give you an "in principle" decision within one hour.

You will be sent a Decision in Principle, once the terms have been agreed we will help you complete all the necessary paperwork for submission.

We will instruct a surveyor to value the property; once we have received this we will then instruct solicitors to complete the transaction.

Once the solicitor has all the necessary paperwork your funds can be available on the same day.

Do you lend to individuals with Impaired credit?

We lend to individuals with a poor credit history. We will accept applications from an individual with CCJ’s and arrears.

What types of property is acceptable as security for bridging loans?

We will accept residential and commercial property as securities on short term loans.

What should l do if l have been refused by another lender as my security is not conventional?

Add Solutions is a “hands-on” lender and we are able to take entrepreneurial views.
Contact us with your enquiry even if your property is “out of the norm” to get a quick bridging loan.

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